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The Tiffany Diamond Rings featured on this website have been specifically chosen for their highly regarded reputation in the jewelery industry. Only the best quality diamonds, top of the line craftsmanship and the very finest of precious metals have been painstakingly amalgamated together to create the very finest of diamond rings. These rare and exquisite diamond rings truly are the best of the best.

Tiffany Diamond RingsPlease take your time and look through these superb Tiffany Diamond Rings and choose one that truly reflects the unique beauty of the special person you are planning on giving it to. Choose the right ring and she or he will be stunned at your commitment to them. The giving of a Diamond represents the qualifying of a couples love and if you get this right your relationship will become that much richer.

If you are shopping for yourself, Take the time to choose one that really fits your personality. Diamond Rings like these tell a lot about the character of the wearer and one that really suits you will naturally highlight the unique beauty that qualifies your own persona and style.

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What Are Man Made Diamonds?

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Get an Engagement Ring Built for Your Beloved

princess cut diamond ringBuild an engagement ring with a princess-cut diamond because princess-cut diamond engagement bands are one of the most well-liked rings with which to propose to your future wife. They’re the most common aside from the round brilliant cut diamond rings. These rings are characterized as “fancy-cut” rings, and they retain almost all of the original uncut diamond. Most jewelers have a good number of these diamonds from which you can build an engagement ring.
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Looking at Man Made Diamonds

Nothing shines like diamonds. This is not a statement many people will choose to argue with. Yet, for centuries, these rare stones have been too expensive for anyone but the richest to own. The reason for their rarity is the process by which these gemstones are naturally created, which takes hundreds of millions of years and can only occur in specific places inside the earth’s crust.

These gems are made by natural forces over many millions of years. They are created so deep inside the earth, that the pressures and heat they are subjected to make it impossible for anything to survive. The only way that humans are able to get to these natural gems is when they are brought to the earth’s surface by volcanic eruptions.

However, since early twentieth century, it has been possible to create man made diamonds that are every bit as good as the original. In fact, today’s man made diamonds are so well made that only sophisticated chemical testing can tell the created gem from the nature-made one. In fact, the only way it is able to tell is that natural diamonds do have tiny imperfections, while man made diamonds are perfect.

The key difference between the two is, unsurprisingly, the cost. Man made diamonds are much cheaper than the natural kind for obvious reasons. It can take a few weeks to create a batch of lab-grown diamonds while geological forces can take many millions of years to produce a sparkling gem. As such, these gems will be far cheaper than the real ones.

There is nothing else that will distinguish them as they are, in fact, diamonds. There are two major methods for manufacturing these synthetic gemstones. The first and the most widely method is called HPHT, or high pressure, high temperature method. This method seeks to reproduce the natural conditions for gemstone creation.

The HPHT method is widely used due to its relatively low cost. The process here means placing into a belt type of a press graphite dissolved into molten iron, cobalt, or nickel. The metals acted as a catalyst which helps the dissolution of carbon and its eventual conversion into a diamond. This method is used primarily in making diamonds for use in manufacturing, and not jewelry.

Chemical vapor deposition, or CVD, is primarily used for gem-quality diamonds due to its ability to control to a great extent the chemical purity and the ultimate qualities of the produced gemstone. With the CVD method, a thin wafer of diamond is placed into a special container. Various gases are then fed into the container, and ionized to produce a plasma which then rains down onto the substrate, literally growing a diamond from the ground up.

Man made diamonds have been developed to be a true rival to the shine and beauty of the real diamonds. In fact, the only difference remains simply that these marvels of technological advancements are more affordable than natural rarities can be, and therefore, more approachable.


Man Made Diamonds – Affordable Elegance

Man made diamonds are diamonds that are technologically crafted. While natural diamonds were mined, a man made diamond is normally made in laboratories. There are currently two kinds of fabricated diamonds, the stimulants and the synthetics. While synthetic diamonds are currently the most patronized due its fairly low price, stimulants which is the first diamond that was made by man, has better value having an aesthetics that is greatly similar with the natural diamonds.

Man made diamonds have gained popularity because of various reasons. Primarily, some of the diamonds that are greatly crafted will actually have 100% resemblance with the natural diamond. In some cases it even has a superior mineral value. All other factors, except from being natural, are present in in both man made and natural diamond. Conversely, synthetic diamonds that are made in high quality will have similar superiority with that of a natural diamond.

While the appearance of these diamonds can actually have no difference, the great difference between the natural and the man made diamonds lies with the price. Since the value of the natural diamonds is being controlled by the DeBeers Diamond Cartel, it is perceived that they are being too unrealistic with their price range. Accordingly, diamonds are not as rare as they are being declared; in fact there is no scarcity in the supply of diamonds. While they must be unearthed, the supply of diamond is actually vast. Gold being a mineral that cannot be reproduced is something that should be valued; diamond on the other hand can be concocted, as such, it should have a lot lesser value than it has now.

There is no denying that the reason behind the desire for diamond is its elegance. While it really look magnificent, paying a lot less for something that looks the same is simply better. Most stimulant diamonds look exactly the same with the real diamond. Factors like cut, lustre and clarity can be replicated easily these days. If these factors are the reasons why diamonds are priced too high, then paying for something a lot cheaper is reasonable given the fact that they look alike.

Another reason why people changed course when it comes to choosing real diamonds over the man made diamonds is the many disturbing issues being raised by many humanitarian groups with regard to forced labour, child labour and blood diamonds being practiced by miners in many mining companies all over the world. Unless you do not really care about stuff like these, perhaps it would be tad disconcerting that you are wearing something that might have cause a life of a minor in some area halfway across the globe.

Man made diamonds are definitely a great alternative if you want to have a real diamond. By getting these diamonds, you can have the same elegant-looking jewelry without having to pay too much for it. You do not necessarily need a body guard to be able to wear it and you will have peace knowing that you are not a collaborator in some inhumane activity.

Looking Stunning With Diamonds – Tiffany Diamond Rings

Tiffany Diamond Rings – The Ultimate Gift

Are you currently looking for Tiffany diamond rings? Whatever the occasion, whether it is for an anniversary, engagement, birthday or just a gift out of the blue, then these special kind of rings are the perfect way to say that I love you to that special woman in your life.

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Supreme Quality Diamond Rings

Quality Diamond Rings

Since you are now thinking about diamond jewellery and quality diamond rings, it is safe to assume that you have finally met her; the woman of your dreams and you want to propose to her with a diamond ring.  However, diamonds are not cheap so how can you get cheap engagement rings without compromising on quality.
Lucky for you, in today’s day and age you can find good beautifully elegant diamond rings at affordable prices.  Here are a few tips that can make your shopping experience easier when shopping for cheap, diamond engagement rings:

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Diamond Engagement Rings – Tiffany Diamond Rings

Diamond Engagement Rings

Asking the woman you love to marry you is a nerve racking experience, after all rejection is a very hard pill to swallow. However, with diamond engagement rings your chore becomes easier because chances are, if she is not in love with you, she will definitely be in love with the ring.  Take that frown off your face because I am just pulling your strings.

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