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Diamond Engagement Rings

Asking the woman you love to marry you is a nerve racking experience, after all rejection is a very hard pill to swallow. However, with diamond engagement rings your chore becomes easier because chances are, if she is not in love with you, she will definitely be in love with the ring.  Take that frown off your face because I am just pulling your strings.

Beautiful diamond ring from tiffany diamond ringsWhile I am not saying that women are superficial, although some are but whether your woman could care less if you gave her a diamond ring or an elastic band to put around her finger, it is always good to know that you cared enough to go out of your way to get her something special, just this once.
As the famous adage goes, “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend”; whether she shows it or not.  Now other than to be flashy remember that diamonds are forever and buying diamond engagement rings signifies eternity.  Therefore, when you get your favorite girl a diamond engagement ring with wonderful settings, she will see what you are saying immediately, “I want you to be mine forever.”

However due to the wide variety of diamonds to choose from, getting the right ring for her can be a very overwhelming experience.  So how can you choose the ideal ring for her without coming out and asking her what she would like? This is how you do it:

Know Her Style

I mean she is your lady; therefore, you must have noticed the things she likes.  Is she simple or is she a flashy person?  Does she dress conservative or is she a chic kind of girl?  Take all of these aspects into consideration and think of the jewellery that she wears.  Are they simple yet elegant or does she like jewellery that stands out and take notice of what she wears the most.  Does she wear white gold or yellow gold and is she a fan of platinum?  Remember, make her happy.

How do you get the right ring size?

You can snatch one of her rings and make an impression in play dough or you can trace the inside of it on paper but what if she doesn’t normally wear rings, how do you guess the size then?  Find some ring shaped things that look like they might fit her and playfully say, “Your fingers are so slender or thick” depending on her hands and say, “Look this, whatever it is fits your fingers perfectly” or something like that.

The 4 Cs to consider

Find a jeweller that you trust and have them take you through the man made diamonds they have and at the jeweller make sure they know that you know what you want.  So you ask about the 4 Cs, color, cut, clarity, and carat, the four important aspects to think of when choosing diamonds.

Now that you know what to look for when getting a diamond ring for her and you know what to think of when thinking engagement ring settings, go out and get your wife to be a diamond engagement ring at http://tiffanydiamondrings.org.

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