Man Made Diamonds

Synthetic Diamonds’ Shining Glory

So do you think man made diamonds?

man made diamondDiamonds are forever, aren’t they? For centuries, diamonds have been symbolizing a lot of things; some love; some money. Regardless of what they represent, you still find them amazing. The sight of a diamond is just brilliant. However, the question lies as to whether you can afford it.

Did you know that, for many years, scientists and researchers have been seeking an alternative to lessen the costs of creating or growing diamonds and other gemstones? It true! In fact this started in 1902 when the first man made gemstone, the ruby, was created. With this you can say that this endeavor began over a hundred years ago.

These man made diamonds or gems are more popularly known as “synthetic gems”. They all possess the same features and characteristics of a diamond. Their difference lies on the occurrence or birth. Natural gems are mined and are found out in the world, the synthetic ones are man-made and created in the laboratories.

Man made diamonds can be classified into different types. They vary according to how they are produced or manufacture. You may wonder how scientists manage to create these synthetic diamonds. Well, here’s how:
The oldest approach to creating such uses high pressure and high temperature in replicating diamonds. Through this, seeds are subjected to a temperature of 1000 degrees Celsius and a pressure of 50,000 atmospheres. This approach has created synthetic diamonds such as Life Gem and Gemesis. Another method for producing and creating synthetic diamonds is through the use of chemical vapor deposition or cvp. This method, like HTHP, entails the usage of seed ingredients. But instead of using heat and pressure, it creates a chemical reaction. This reaction forms carbon vapors that creates and deposits the diamond into the seed slowly, atom by atom. An example for this is the creation of Apollo diamonds.

The increasing demand for cheaper diamonds brought about the creation and the production of imitation or synthetic diamonds. These manmade diamonds are indeed a product of innovative minds and are continuously supplied in the market. We all agree that diamonds are captivating. They are durable and can be used as thermal conductors. Diamonds can never be man’s best friend because only the rich ones can afford it probably due to its rarity. Synthetic diamonds become an alternative to every diamond aficionado. You’ll be surprised how similar these gems with the real ones. You will also be amazed on how affordable it is with the genuine diamond. What matters is that you see the beauty and magic of a diamond regardless of its originality.

If you want to know more about man made diamonds you can visit other websites such as the tiffany diamond rings website. They have a wide variety of rings to choose from ranging from rings with genuine diamonds to synthetic diamonds. The happiness brought about by the luxury of having gems at minimal cost is guaranteed.


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