Man Made Diamonds – Affordable Elegance

Man made diamonds are diamonds that are technologically crafted. While natural diamonds were mined, a man made diamond is normally made in laboratories. There are currently two kinds of fabricated diamonds, the stimulants and the synthetics. While synthetic diamonds are currently the most patronized due its fairly low price, stimulants which is the first diamond that was made by man, has better value having an aesthetics that is greatly similar with the natural diamonds.

Man made diamonds have gained popularity because of various reasons. Primarily, some of the diamonds that are greatly crafted will actually have 100% resemblance with the natural diamond. In some cases it even has a superior mineral value. All other factors, except from being natural, are present in in both man made and natural diamond. Conversely, synthetic diamonds that are made in high quality will have similar superiority with that of a natural diamond.

While the appearance of these diamonds can actually have no difference, the great difference between the natural and the man made diamonds lies with the price. Since the value of the natural diamonds is being controlled by the DeBeers Diamond Cartel, it is perceived that they are being too unrealistic with their price range. Accordingly, diamonds are not as rare as they are being declared; in fact there is no scarcity in the supply of diamonds. While they must be unearthed, the supply of diamond is actually vast. Gold being a mineral that cannot be reproduced is something that should be valued; diamond on the other hand can be concocted, as such, it should have a lot lesser value than it has now.

There is no denying that the reason behind the desire for diamond is its elegance. While it really look magnificent, paying a lot less for something that looks the same is simply better. Most stimulant diamonds look exactly the same with the real diamond. Factors like cut, lustre and clarity can be replicated easily these days. If these factors are the reasons why diamonds are priced too high, then paying for something a lot cheaper is reasonable given the fact that they look alike.

Another reason why people changed course when it comes to choosing real diamonds over the man made diamonds is the many disturbing issues being raised by many humanitarian groups with regard to forced labour, child labour and blood diamonds being practiced by miners in many mining companies all over the world. Unless you do not really care about stuff like these, perhaps it would be tad disconcerting that you are wearing something that might have cause a life of a minor in some area halfway across the globe.

Man made diamonds are definitely a great alternative if you want to have a real diamond. By getting these diamonds, you can have the same elegant-looking jewelry without having to pay too much for it. You do not necessarily need a body guard to be able to wear it and you will have peace knowing that you are not a collaborator in some inhumane activity.

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