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Since you are now thinking about diamond jewellery and quality diamond rings, it is safe to assume that you have finally met her; the woman of your dreams and you want to propose to her with a diamond ring.  However, diamonds are not cheap so how can you get cheap engagement rings without compromising on quality.
Lucky for you, in today’s day and age you can find good beautifully elegant diamond rings at affordable prices.  Here are a few tips that can make your shopping experience easier when shopping for cheap, diamond engagement rings:

Tiffany Diamond rings engagement ringThe first thing I should say is  that you are in the right place to start your shopping because the best place to get high quality diamond jewellery is online.  Not surprisingly, there are many online stores that you can get cheap engagement rings. Also you can get the option of designing your own ring online and it can be cheaper, depending on your preference and styles. However, before you jump to the very first online store, you should check customer reviews and read their policies and check to see if they are a credible source.

Another way to reduce cost on your engagement ring and to get it at a cheaper price is to compromise on metal, instead of stone.  Platinum are very expensive; therefore, choose gold, white or yellow which is much cheaper and the good thing is that white gold will not detract from the diamond.

However, if you prefer to cut back on the stone, think the 4Cs: clarity, cut, carat, and color.  Choose a cut or carat that is cheaper than others and you will still be getting a great value for your money.  Also colored diamonds are more expensive; therefore, don’t chose a pink diamond, instead stick with the regular and you are good to go.  When thinking the 4Cs, never cut back too much on one because for a diamond ring to be high quality all 4Cs needs to come into play. Remember, the higher the cut, clarity, color, and carat the more expensive the ring.  So the best way to choose, cheap engagement rings, is for you to think all 4Cs but at a lower cut, clarity, color, and carat.

Remember, going into marriage you only plan on doing it once; therefore, you need to go about this the right way and get it right the first time around.  You only have one shot at not messing this up with the girl of your dreams. So for you one chance at the right afforadable diamond ring visit and you won’t be disappointed.

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